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The Assassin’s Creed III That Could Have Been

Oh, Assassin’s Creed III.

How you reeled us in with your intriguing American Revolution backdrop. How we chewed you up and spat you out once we discovered that tasty morsel was wrapped in a bloated, cumbersome gaming experience that took hours to get going, only to end up driving the remaining distance at a snail’s pace, stopping at every service station on the way.

But fear not, fellow history buffs, for salvation is at hand. No, I’m not talking about Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag or some hitherto unannounced DLC. I’m talking about a rather awesome novel about a sort-of assassin with sweet magical powers that takes place in the years leading up to the American Revolution.


Thieftaker by D. B. Jackson scratches the itch that Assassin’s Creed III couldn’t, following the exploits of thieftaker Ethan Kaille as he becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving the Sons of Liberty and dark magical forces. A sequel, Thieves’ Quarry, has also recently been published.

Read them and pine for the Assassin’s Creed III that could have been!