Pretty Wind Waker Artwork

Thanks to Mike Abbot for drawing my attention to this gorgeous collage of Wind Waker HD characters. Not sure of the exact source, so unfortunately I can’t credit it, but I believe it’s courtesy of Nintendo themselves.

I must admit, between Wind Waker HD and Bayonetta 2, I’ll quickly be running out of excuses not to buy a Wii U. Despite owning a shit ton of Nintendo systems in the past, they’ve gone off the boil for me in recent years, but all will it take is about half a dozen “must have” exclusives to reel me in.

There’s a lot of great fan art out there in the wild. Here on RunJumpFire we’ll try to showcase the very best of it whenever the opportunity arises, so stay tuned.

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  • http://www.shezcrafti.com/ ShezCrafti

    Platform exclusives get me every time. I wanted to buy a Wii U at launch, but that whole losing my job thing, which happened around the same time, kind of put the kibosh on those plans. Now that I’m back on my feet, my sights are set on Nintendo once again. Besides, I’ve owned every Nintendo console ever; why stop now? :P

    • http://runjumpfire.com/ Mark Stevens

      Yeah, I went through a period where I seemed to be acquiring lots of Nintendo hardware. N64, GameCube, GBC, GBA, DS Lite, Wii, to be precise! But I stopped buying DS games when Nintendo refocused on the 3DS and the only Wii games I bought were Super Mario Galaxy and a couple of SNES games on Virtual Console. I only really used it to play my GameCube games!

      Between my PC, PS3, Vita and iOS devices I’ve never really felt the urge to consider the Wii U or 3DS XL, although it could take it a few exclusives–and a prettier Wind Waker could go a long way! But I’ve recently buffed up my PC with a new video card and have pre-ordered a PS4, so my wallet may need to take a breather for a while.