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Players 1 & 2: Ready

Welcome to the soft launch of RunJumpFire—yes, it’s another gaming blog!

My name’s Mark. You may know me as @retroblique on Twitter. My partner in crime is Jaime, who can also be found on Twitter under the name @shezcrafti. We’ve somehow jointly accumulated nearly fifty years’ worth of gaming experience between us, so we thought it was about time we shared some of that with you.

We’re calling this a “soft launch” because what you’re essentially looking at is the first draft of RunJumpFire. We figured it would be better to write the content first and then shape the visual presentation of the web site around that content. Once we have the look of the web site locked down we’ll go for an official launch.

Also, later this year, we’ll be joined by a bunch of awesome guest posters, and possibly one or two regular contributors, including the likes of Justin Keverne (@GTElephant), Michelle Baldwin (@leneux), Steven O’Dell (@NismoR034) and Wes Hampton (@WallCrawlinHero).

Thank you for reading—watch this space!

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About Mark Stevens

Mark is British but lives in the USA, which is why you'll see him flip-flopping between British and American spelling without a care in the world. As a veteran of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras you'll notice a decidedly retro slant to his posts, but he has just as much to say about contemporary gaming too. Outside the world of blogging Mark has previously written for Wired and The Guardian and has written a number of Doctor Who short stories for Big Finish.