Open World Dreams (Part 2): Islands in the Stream

Welcome to the 16-bit era, complete with games on disk and ten times the usable RAM of the more capable 8-bit systems. Goodbye wireframe 3D, hello solid shading (Gouraud if you were particularly lucky!). Does this technology herald a new era of open world games, or will we need to continue waiting for that definitive open world experience? Mark Stevens wanders down memory lane to recall his open world gaming experiences on the Amiga and Atari ST.

Design By Example: Vertical Movement with Dishonored’s Blink

While Dishonored may forever be compared with Thief: The Dark Project, its key Blink mechanic gives the game an assured identity of its own that forces players to reconsider the vertical spaces of Dunwall. Justin Keverne examines the extended vocabulary of movement that Blink brings to the game.

How the Commodore 64 defined my taste in music

It’s fair to say that the Commodore 64 took video game music to an entirely new level when a talented bunch of musicians/programmers learned how to tame the SID chip in the 1980s. Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway and Jeroen Tel would go on to influence my taste in music for the next three decades. Here’s my thank you note to those plucky chiptune pioneers.