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Hunter’s Moon: Third Person Soother

“Relaxed” and “chilled out” aren’t words you would normally associate with 8-bit shoot ‘em ups, but that’s exactly what Thalamus Ltd achieved in 1987 when they released Hunter’s Moon on the Commodore 64. Mark Stevens delves into the bag of aesthetic tricks the game played to prepare players for an unconventional shoot ‘em up experience.

Open World Dreams (Part 2): Islands in the Stream

Welcome to the 16-bit era, complete with games on disk and ten times the usable RAM of the more capable 8-bit systems. Goodbye wireframe 3D, hello solid shading (Gouraud if you were particularly lucky!). Does this technology herald a new era of open world games, or will we need to continue waiting for that definitive open world experience? Mark Stevens wanders down memory lane to recall his open world gaming experiences on the Amiga and Atari ST.