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Design By Example: Infiltration’s Security Tracker

In Infiltration (a game within the Android Universe of Fantasy Flight Games) players take on the role of criminals breaking into and stealing data from the CyberSolutions, Inc. facility. Uncovering each room in turn as they move deeper into the complex, their aim is to obtain the highest quantity of Data File tokens and escape […]

Design By Example: Half-Life 2′s Poison Headcrabs

Half-Life 2′s headcrabs—killer zombie crustaceans with a penchant for nommy brains or just merely misunderstood pets one de-beak away from domestic bliss? Justin Keverne sticks his head out for science and takes a look at the poison variety of headcrab, otherwise affectionately know as the aaaaaaarghwhereisitwhereisitnoooooooo headcrab.

Design By Example: Licence Progression in Burnout Paradise

When he’s not busy writing about level design, Justin Keverne likes to cruise the mean streets of Paradise City in his hellaflush Challenger, looking for ricers to drag down the 1320. Or whatever it is the kids do these days. J-Kev takes a break from his hectic street racing schedule to examine the Licence system in Burnout Paradise.

Design By Example: Vertical Movement with Dishonored’s Blink

While Dishonored may forever be compared with Thief: The Dark Project, its key Blink mechanic gives the game an assured identity of its own that forces players to reconsider the vertical spaces of Dunwall. Justin Keverne examines the extended vocabulary of movement that Blink brings to the game.