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About Wes Hampton

Wes has been a console gamer for as long as he can remember. Starting with the NES he's made his way through every console generation since including a brief stint with a friend's 3DO (it was a strange but magical time). Nowadays he spends his limited gaming time with his PS3, but embraces all facets of gaming old and new. Most importantly he just wants to play some great games, whatever the hardware.

In Defense of Explosions: The Importance of Mindless Games

Whenever you’re feeling hungry, chances are you’re craving a bit of good ol’ fashioned fast food rather than a fine dining experience. The same can be said for our gaming habits; a rich diet of Dear Esther and Journey needs to occasionally be supplemented by running around in Just Cause 2 or Saints Row the Third like a bull in a headless chicken candy store. Wes Hampton explores the need for a bit of mindless gaming every now and then.