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About Mark Stevens

Mark is British but lives in the USA, which is why you'll see him flip-flopping between British and American spelling without a care in the world. As a veteran of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras you'll notice a decidedly retro slant to his posts, but he has just as much to say about contemporary gaming too. Outside the world of blogging Mark has previously written for Wired and The Guardian and has written a number of Doctor Who short stories for Big Finish.

My Gaming Life: The Hyper-Condensed Version

When sitting down to plan a series of posts about the most influential games of my childhood, it suddenly occurred to me that the video game industry didn’t exist in the year I was born. This got me thinking about what has occurred at ten-year intervals since then. Take a peek at this post to discover the results of my nostalgic daydreaming.